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Walk-A-Thon 2018
Walk-A-Thon 2018
Walk-A-Thon 2018
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Parent Resources

Kindergarten Quarterly Expectations 
Reading Ideas
Reading/Phonics: Play iRead for 20 minutes using the login provided on your child's login sheet. 
 Word Work: - Choose a Word Family. Complete the activities and read the corresponding story.  
Reading Comprehension: - 

~Choose a fiction book: Have the website read it to you. Try to retell the story in order using Five Finger Retell or Fancy Words.


~Choose a Nonfiction book: Have the website read it to you. What was the main idea and key details?


~Practice reading and spelling the following Words via Microsoft Powerpoint: Link is on the right saved as "JR A-C List". 


Skoolbo: Login using your child's login provided on login sheet. This site includes math and reading activities.


Writing Ideas
Use the writing paper provided via the link on the right labeled "EET Writing Dot Paper". Choose a writing topic and use the dots to write 3-4 sentences about it. Examples could include things you find in the winter. (Arctic animals, snowmen, sleds, etc...) 
Math Ideas
Pearson Math: Login using the username/password provided on your child's E-Learning page and complete the assignment assigned by your child's teacher.
MobyMax: Only complete if your child's teacher provided a login on their login information sheet. 
  • Counting Practice: 

    Count to 100


    Teen Numbers


    ABCya: Scroll down to Kindergarten Math.

    Select one or more of the games and play for 20 minutes. (Focus on the games below.)