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Walk-A-Thon 2018
Walk-A-Thon 2018
Walk-A-Thon 2018
First Grade » Parent Resources

Parent Resources

1st Grade Quarterly Expectations
Reading Ideas
 1.  Pick one, Think Central or iRead.  (15-20 minutes)

Please follow the directions below to download the app!

  1.      Go to the app store to download the iRead app.
  2.      In the search box, type in “hmh iread”.
  3.      Click “GET” on the iRead app and let it download.
  4.      Once it is downloaded, go to the HOME screen and click on “Settings”.
  5.      Scroll down until you find iRead then select it to see the iRead app settings.
  6.     Next to SAM URL, type in: h100002705
  7.     The iRead app is now set up and may be launched from your iPad’s HOME screen.
 Spelling Ideas
2.  Using this week's spelling list, play 2 games on Spelling City.  (10 minutes)
3.  Play Moby Max.  (10 minutes)
4.  Pick one, Pearson Realize or Prodigy.  (10-15 minutes)
Science & Social Studies Ideas
5.  Optional Activities:


 *Class Code:  seaknees750